Betting battle

Posted by Samuel Ugonna ₦20,000

Project description:

You know the game. you know the teams. You want to gamble. You know the are not scared,there’s this air of confidence blowing inside of you. This feeling that you know it all,that nothing’s stoping you from winning,THE WINNIG SPIRIT.YOU PLACE YOUR BET.WHAT!!!. You lost,and there’s nobody to blame but yourself. “how could i have been so stupid!?”you ask yourself,but you weren’t really stupid you were just tricked. THE BOOKIES ODDS ARE NEVER FAIR. Thats the truth accept it. You knew this before you began gambling or you found out after sometime,you still continued,you needed the money. Well,there is a cheat for gambling but i’m not going to tell you that now that’s a story for another day.

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